Although derived from the Greek word “hypnos” meaning sleep, hypnosis is the opposite of sleep.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy is

AWAKENING out of the trance of limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that keep us from our heart’s desires.

With Alchemical Hypnotherapy you can release old patterns of the past and raise your vibrational energy with Alchemical Hypnotherapy -  click here for more information

“Take The Lemon Test”

what is hypnosis like? Can I be hypnotized? Click the lemon and listen  to this fun recording to find out

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What clients say:

“Thank you, Linda. I am so appreciative of the session you gave me. I am so excited of how my life will be now.I really feel transformed.I am so grateful. I am certainly interested in classes on your work.” - Diana; CA

Thank you for an incredible experience today! 

I actually feel better today than at any time since I had this stroke –  I also have certain physical flexibility that was not there previously!!!! (still testing it all over the place – just walked around the neighborhood with NO PAIN!!!!)  So this is the beginning of so much more…It’s so nice to find someone who genuinely cares, and who I can trust with these dark things.”  - G.L.: WA

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Death of the Body, But not the Spirit

Some of  my favorite work is with clients who have loved ones who have passed. It could be through suicide, accident, illness or old-age - children, parents, grand-parents, friends or pets. Seeing a client connect with a loved-one and receive messages, peace and healing is a beautiful thing!