Meet Linda Baker C.H.T. 
 Master International Alchemist
“I feel that the purpose of my life is to help people leave the darkness of suffering and step into the Light of inner joy” - Linda Baker
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Linda is the author of :The Bridge Between Worlds — The Miracle of Following the Heart and Soul Contracts — How They Affect Your Life and Your Relationships, Train Your Brain - Change Your Life and co-authored Alchemical Scents with Patricia Haggard. 
Her personal journey of healing and awakening as a young girl and by eighteen she knew that she wanted to help people heal from emotional suffering. Psychiatric Nursing was the avenue she chose, but while working as a psychiatric nurse she became disillusioned by the lack of true inner healing that the hospital environment offered. She was drawn to seek modalities that could help people access the root cause of the problem — a journey that began over 50 years ago and continues to this day.
During this quest Linda studied and became certified in Reality Therapy with Dr. William Glasser, studied Alchemical hypnotherapy with David Quigley and earned the title of Certified Alchemical Hypnotherapist.  She studied Reiki, Omega Healing, trained in Crystal — Sound Therapy with James Hughes and achieved a level 3 in Reconnective Healing with Dr.Eric Pearl. In 2011 was awarded the highly esteemed Master Alchemist and Alchemical Trainer certificates from The Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis. Later in 20011 Linda studied with Master Co and received several certificates in Pranic Healing, including one from the Pranic Psychotherapy Course. In 2012 Linda received a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science degree from the University of Metaphysics. These, in addition to a variety of workshops and classes, too numerous to mention, as well as her personal inner guidance and soul seeking meld together to create the work that Linda does today.
Throughout this passionate lifelong inner healing adventure Linda has utilized all that she has learned to heal and expand her personal life as well as assist others to achieve deep healing and personal growth. Through teaching numerous classes, including those on Creating Your Vision, Soul Contracts, Firewalking (both here and in Australia) the Spiritual Empowerment Group (for the LGBT community) which she founded and by teaching for, and co-directing three schools of hypnotherapy Linda has helped countless people gain freedom from suffering and follow their dreams. Currently Linda enjoys teaching Alchemy classes in Japan.
Linda created the process of A Spiritual Approach to Abortion to help women release unwanted pregnancy naturally by connecting with the spirit of the incoming being. This process has benefited pregnant women, as well as those who experienced abortions or miscarriages in the past, through forgiveness, release of guilt and spiritual healing.  The release of guilt and shame is very important because holding on to this energy can be he the cause of some physical and emotional problems. This has also proved to be a healing asset for the would-be fathers.
Healing takes courage and the desire to be free.  All of the articles, inner journeys, workshops, groups and private sessions that Linda offers are created to loving and gently assist those who are ready to leave suffering behind and open to the joy of self-love and personal empowerment.
“Healing mentally, emotionally and spiritually is the same as healing physically. As an Emergency Room Nurse I observed the intensity of pain caused by a nurse cleaning debris from a deep bodily wound, and yet if the wound was not cleaned at the source, there might have been superficial healing, but sooner or later infection would set in. I use this analogy with my work today. Yes, it may be difficult and painful to reach and release the source of the problem, to dive into a deep wound of the psyche, but without clearing the source of an issue, the pain will persist and manifest itself in a variety of ways throughout the lifetime. But when healed at the core, an unknown freedom and joy will be known ”  — Linda Baker  

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Top photos - Linda with students in Japan. Right photo, first person on left is Sachiko Harada, owner of the Alchemical institute of Japan. For more information click here:

Linda with David Quigley (founder of Alchemical Hypnotherapy) at the Alchemical Institute in Santa Rosa. For information on Alchemical Trainings with David click here:

“Linda is a natural teacher and it is her passion to help people heal at the more often neglected soulful level.  We need to have more influences like Linda Baker in our lives to help us heal ourselves and the planet.” - T.O. LICSW; Tx

Everything you said and the way you said it was very clear and powerful! - E.S.; WA

Linda lives in the Seattle area; you can contact her by emailing:


Thank you Linda Baker, from all the students of the Healing Sexual Abuse class in November:


"Great time.  Great people.  Great teacher."

"Just what I needed specifically and generally regarding how to practice well and safely."

"What a pleasure to get to absorb some of her experience, philosophy, and tactics.  Very worth the money and time spent.  Throughout the training, Linda shared personal experience and time-developed methods."

"I very much appreciated Linda's approach to Alchemy. LOVED the demo - more demo's next time please!"

"When will Linda be back?  I want to audit the next class!"