Who Can Benefit from Alchemical Hypnotherapy?


An Alchemical or Spiritual Hypnotherapy session may be helpful and healing for you if you are ready to release old patterns and beliefs from your life, reconnect with your true self and embrace the life you desire.  This is not a “quick fix” but a powerful process that, when combined with intention and simple homework can, and will transform your life.

The Alchemical or Spiritual hypnotherapy process has been successful in helping those who

  1. Have done inner work, but feel stuck…there’s something you just can’t get to.

  2. Have relationship issues – a difficult-time with a break-up or divorce or can’t seem to find the right person, or intimacy is a challenge. or for those who always attract the same kind of partner, even when they seem so different at the onset of the relationship

  3. Want to experience the powerful healing of past life work.

  4. Desire to connect with the soul, spirit and Divine Energy, discover their soul purpose and follow the path of their heart.

  5. Are having difficulty getting over the death of a loved one. This work can help you to connect with the spirit of your loved one who is deceased. If you are interested in this please read my article There is No Death: Communicating with Those Who Have Passed On.

  6. Experience guilt, shame or other emotions that cause inner criticism and lack of self-love, thus preventing living in personal power and self-love.

  7. Struggle with eating disorders, addictions or obsessive/compulsive thoughts

  1. Are or have been working with a therapist and desire to address root causes, release them and bring in authentic soul energy.

  2. Are looking for healing from low energy, depression, anxiety or spiritual crisis.

  3. Desire to find how past life and soul contracts are affecting their present life - release energies of the past and live more fully in the present.

  4. Want to clear the energy of abuse from their cells.

  5. Are currently working in therapy, but feel stuck (one session offers powerful insight and healing that the client can take back to his/her therapist.

  6. Are pregnant and considering abortion, or have miscarried or had an abortion in the past and still carry grief, guilt or shame. If you are interested in this, please read my article Spiritual Abortion.

  1. Have a part of your life that is not working, such as abundance, relationship, health or career and desire to go to the root cause to release blocks and open the energetic channels to attract what is desired.