The Secrets of
Inner  Transformation

The Lotus Flower begins life as a seed born into the muddy bottom of a beautiful pond. Slowly it grows upwards through the water and toward the light, finally breaking through the surface and blossoming into a beautiful flower. Because of how this transformation symbolizes our own journey from a lower to higher consciousness, the Lotus Flower is treasured by both Buddhist and Hindu religions. My desire is for this website to support your growth as you reach for the Light and become the flower”

                    – Linda Baker

Watercolor lotus flowers

original at by Vicki Fairbanks


If you desire to transform your life so that you are free of what alchemists refer to is the “lead of your ego” (those things that you are attached to that do not serve your highest good) so that you can live your soul’s calling, be present in and enjoy this lifetime, here are some things that you can do to get you there:

  1. 1.Willingness - Willingness to live in truth, knowing your shadow side and being willing to confront it. Willingness to do whatever you need to do to free yourself and become the person you desire to be, living the life you desire for yourself. Willingness to make this a priority, to spend the money, time and energy  required to reach your goal.

  2. 2.Prayer or Meditation - take quiet time each day with the sole intention of connecting with a Higher Source, however you see or name that Source Energy is irrelevant. It is through our devotion and stillness that we gain wisdom and freedom of our attachments.

  3. 3.Study - Find teachers that you resonate with and learn from them. Whether that be from being in their presence or reading, listening to or watching their teachings. Find one or two who you feel an alignment with and follow what they teach. Remember that   a teacher may be the right teacher for you at a specific time and after that time has passed another teacher may come into your life. it is important to give yourself time with a teacher and refrain from what so many do, which is not taking the teachings seriously and following them, thus not getting the desired results and so jumping to a new teacher and repeating the pattern. if you feel a resonance with a teacher, know that teacher has a gift to offer you, but as with any gift that is presented it is the receiver who needs to reach out and take the time to unwrap the gift and learn about its uses. never expect that any teacher can do the work for you.

  4. 4.If you find repeating patterns in your life that you cannot shake, patterns that seem to have power over you and hold you hostage, then know that this has something to do with your inner programming and beliefs, your karma, past lives - any one, but often it is all three of these reasons that keep a person stuck in repetition of unhealthy behavior that does not serve their highest good. This is the work i specialize in. Contact me  for information about how what I do can assist you or find another practitioner whom you trust to work with you.