The Past is ... The Past

Have you ever spent time and energy thinking about the past and wishing you had done something differently? If you think of your energy stores like a bank account, how much of your investments do you have in the past? Do you wish you had made different business or relationship decisions? Do you wish you had lived your life differently or had given your parents, children or others more love and attention? Do you mourn over wasted years, wishing you had known better at the time? There is only one purpose that giving energy to the past has and that is to keep us from living the life that we desire NOW.

I’ve heard people say that they don’t want to forget their past because it taught them so much. While that may be true, remember the lesson is not the same as being caught in the energy. To take a lesson you have learned and bring it forward to assist you in living a better life in the now is valuable, but to hold onto the energy of regret, criticism and self-judgment only serves to lower vibrational energy, causing self-punishment and holding us back from living a good life in the present.

Back to the energy bank - imagine that you have one hundred units of energy in your account. Think of the things that you spend your energy on and make a list of them. This may include: your relationships, work, studies, career, free time activities and possibly the most important of all - self-talk. How much of your self-talk is supportive and encouraging and how much of it is judgmental, critical and wishes for the past to be different?

An exercise you can do is to make 4 lists. List one is composed of relationships that may include lovers, family, friends, co-workers or anyone whom you give energy to (list them by name or by group). List 2 is the same except list here those who you get energy from.

List 3 is made up of all your daily activities, work, projects, etc that take energy from you and list 4 is the same except list the ones that give you energy. After making each list, take a moment to close your eyes and take one or two deep breaths, then open your eyes and write a number, from 0 - 100 that comes to you by each one with 0 being no energy at all and 100 being most of your energy. Add the number of list 1 and 3 to see the amount of energy that is not supporting your health and your life. Add the numbers of lists 2 and 4 to find how much energy you are receiving. These numbers may change from day to day. Of course the more energy you receive each day, the better you will feel.

Without judgment, simply notice how much of your energy is going where and how that feels to you. If you find that you are spending your precious energy on the past know that some or all of these things may be true for you:

  1. You are still punishing yourself for what happened in the past – this is a major cause of denying the good you desire to flow into your life now

  2. You are still blaming others – this keeps you from personal empowerment

  3. You criticize yourself for past mistakes – this keeps you from trusting your heart and having the confidence to make good decisions in the now.

  4. You are holding on to fears that keep you from letting go and trusting that new, positive people and experiences will come into your life.

  5. You may be blocking yourself from listening to your intuition (Divine Guidance)

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