Don’t Feed the Blowfish!

The menacing Blowfish lurks in the deep waters of the subconscious, awaiting the perfect time to strike. I first learned of the blowfish many, many ears ago when I was on the search for self-empowerment. Raised in a co-dependent family where personal power was squelched and any deviation from the norm was ridiculed, making my way down the path toward personal empowerment had its challenges. The blowfish made its attack when I was nearing my destination. I was feeling pretty good about myself, with growing confidence and the work I was doing with clients becoming more powerful, I felt like I was on the path and closer than ever to reaching my goal when I was attacked.

I was in a local grocery store looking for a bottle of catsup when I spotted a young grocery clerk and just as I was about to ask where the catsup was hiding the blowfish struck so unexpectedly and with such force that I was completely thrown off guard and sercombed to it’s assault. My personal power drained from me in a flash and in a so timid voice, I said “I hate to bother you,” while thinking “Who am I to take his time and bother him.” Oh my! what a shock it was! I left the store thinking that I should just give up and realize how fruitless this dream of an empowered self was. I mean, “How could I  even hope to live an empowered life when I couldn’t even feel like I deserved to ask the grocery boy where the catsup was?”

I flashed back to my mother and how she was so afraid to ask for anything. She would even go to the counter and apologize to the clerk if she was leaving the store without buying anything. A flood of childhood memories and thoughts about how I should just stay in my place filled the scary blowfish. It was then I realized that the blowfish was just like the small puffer fish that fill themselves with air when they feel afraid. What was actually happening was that I was so close to attaining personal empowerment that the old me, the one made up of past conditioning and beliefs that I should be small, was trying with all its might to frighten me back into my place and cause me to stop dreaming of a more vibrant future.  As soon as I saw this, I was able to laugh and, when I did so, an amazing thing happened -  the blowfish began to deflate. In that moment of laughter I called back my spirit and knew I was well on the way to living a joy-filled with respect and love for who I am.

This metaphor of the blowfish and the power of laughter has been very helpful to clients and, I hope it will be helpful to you. If a voice inside you begins telling you scary stories based on old patterns and beliefs, and the blowfish attacks, leaving you doubtful that you will ever succeed to realize your goals, know that the blowfish is doing it’s best to scare you into submission. Take a deep breath and laugh because you know it is scared and fighting for its life (the old life) only because you are closer to being free than ever before! Your laughter, like thousands of little silver swords will pierce the blowfish, deflating it, and you will be well on your way to living a grander and freer life.

The blowfish come from personal experiences and beliefs or in news of global warming, economic downturn, acts of violence (natural or man made), radical rhetoric or other disguises that cause fear and helplessness or hopelessness. We have to remind ourselves that each one of us is a powerful, energetic being and what we focus on, the feelings we have and the thoughts that we entertain are what create our reality and collective create the greater reality. The blowfish is always scary, always wanting to take us out of our power, off our path and away from our spiritual knowing, and the blowfish is always filled with the hot air of fear and old beliefs.

This is the beginning of a New Year and  my intention for this year is to stay in faith and centered connection with Spirit no matter what happens around me. My intention is to be conscious that fear only wants to pull me off my path and control me. When I choose faith and love I feel happier, have more energy, am more loving, less judgmental and live healthier. My intention is to deflate the blowfish and be a part of bringing in a New Age of spiritual awareness.

I invite you to think of your fears as blowfish who are puffed up, but only filled with empty air. Imagine that they are feeding on your fear  and the more you feed them, the bigger they get, but when you look at them and laugh, they lose their energy and deflate, while you breathe in your power and live! You are a powerful energetic being, laugh at the blowfish and life your life to the fullest!

This article appeared in New Spirit Journal