Somatic Healing


Wellbeing From Within

Somatic Healing is a hypnotic technique that incorporates suggestions, imagery and hypnotic movement ....coupled with imagery of a sacred healer.

With Somatic Healing facilitation the client may go deep within to discover and release subconscious programming and beliefs that contribute to illness or disease.

Through Hypnotic movement the client can relive the cause of injury in slow motion, allowing the body to unwind and move in its own unique way to facilitate release of tension and stress that causes the body to stay locked, or frozen into a position that creates pain. These movements may be large and sweeping or powerful micro-movements. They are whatever the individual body needs.

Through the use of the Golden Sun Process, Hypnotic Movement, Color Healing, the Inner Healer and Alchemical Healing most physical issues can be reduced and even healed with the support of the physician and other medical team professionals.

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