OK to be Gay

Many years ago I met a young man in his late teens who was wrestling with being gay. He and his family belonged to a conservative church and even though he had a great love of God, the fact his church taught homosexuality was a sin against God punishable by an eternity in hell caused him great angst. Although I was very gay-friendly at the time, somehow when he asked me if it was really OK with God to be gay I felt the weight of the question and knew I had to find an answer that was beyond doubt. But how could I be certain? I thought if I asked someone who believed being gay was a sin I would be told things to support that belief and if I asked someone who was gay or gay supportive I would be told things to support that belief. After considering this for some time I decided that the only way for me to know the truth was to pray and meditate on the question. The answer had to come from Source – Divine Intelligence, and no other.

When I asked, as it always has and still does happen, clarity came and I was shown how we are all created in Divine perfection. It is not our sexual orientation, the color of our skin, our economic situation, gender or religion that separates us from the Divine, but our own thoughts, intentions, words and deeds. Sin is to “miss the mark” we miss the mark, or sin when we come from fear and hate instead of love and compassion and when we act to harm rather than help others and ourselves.

It was very sad for me to watch this particular young man as he, out of self-defense, turned against God or anything perceived to have a smattering of Divine or Spiritual thought or energy. He isolated himself and although he hid behind his cynicism and intellect he was never free to feel and know that he was a perfect and divine soul. Eventually he committed suicide. He died alone in his apartment separated from any hope or possibility that his life could change.

Ironically, just days before his death I started a Spiritual Empowerment group for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered) Community here in Seattle. I have been involved with this community for about 30 years now. I know it is impossible and incorrect to stereotype any group of people, but for the large part people whom I have met in this diverse community have been quite loving and lovely despite, or maybe in spite of, personal challenges and painful exclusions from family, churches and society.

I am clear that when our intention is to do good for ourselves, others and our world, we are on the mark and living as One with Divine Intelligence and when our intention is to judge ourselves or others, making us or them wrong for being who we/they are, or hurting ourselves or others we miss the mark.

A very dear friend of mine made his transition from this life to the next in his early forties because he was HIV+ and had Kaposi sarcoma. I was at his bedside when his spirit departed his physical body and for the very first time I witnessed this process and saw his spirit, a shimmering, translucent sheet of light energy rise from the root chakra (at the base of the spine) and ascend upwards through the body, expanding out from the crown chakra to rise upwards and disappearing into the ethers. At that moment I was filled with ecstasy! It was a most joy-filled experience and when I looked down at what had been my dear friend lying in the hospital bed; his body was clearly only an empty shell. At the time I was leading a group for people with HIV/AIDS and when I returned to Seattle with this story the group wanted to hear it several times. It inspired them and brought them peace to know that Michael, not a good boy as defined by some, was a spirit that definitely went into the Light.

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