The Heart - Mind Bridge

There is a bridge between the mind and the heart. The heart feels the desire and longing for, while the mind thinks of the reasons why or why not the heart’s desire is possible. When the bridge is open and communication flows easily between these two, life is balanced, dreams are created and longings become reality. But for many the bridge has been broken or a guardhouse made of bricks from the past constructed to block communication. When the bridge is obstructed we live with the heart disconnected from the mind, resulting in an unbalanced life.

The bridge is the energy center of the throat where creativity and expression of individual truth live. When we speak our truth from a place of peace and power our heart feels safe enough to open and our mind creates the words and logic that support our success. The heart must stay closed in proportion to how open the throat is, because the heart cannot fully open until it trusts that we are able to stand up for ourselves and speak out on our behalf. What blocks this bridge and causes the guard to rise up and tell us to hold back our words and power? The answer is threefold:

  1. The need for outer acceptance

  2. Fear of punishment or criticism

  3. Lack of self-trust

Seeds of fear often begin in childhood when we are silenced for expressing our truth to our caregivers (often parents) and authority figures. Protection of the family facade, society, religion or other groups we belong to comes before individual expression. This means that a child who is forced to repress his or her true feelings is taught that it is unsafe to speak out. Whether feelings arise from sexual abuse, rules or punishments that don’t make sense or from the child expressing who she or he is or what they want in life, the inability to speak ones inner truth causes a breakdown of this bridge. Fear breeds the need for outer acceptance. If we are to be safe then we must speak and act in a way that is pleasing to others. We learn that it’s better to lie to ourselves (and others) than it is to be criticized and punished by the outside. This leads to mistrust of our feelings. When we complain about someone who is treating us unkindly and are told that we need to just be nice or that our feelings don’t matter or that we are wrong, we lose trust in our ability to know truth. How blocked the bridge becomes depends upon the number of incidents and the severity of them that we experience.

The process of Spiritual Hypnotherapy makes the rich fabric of the subconscious available to the conscious mind and we may find that a guard on the bridge symbolizes the inner caretaker who came to protect the child from the punishment or that the guard represents the persecutor who threatens that speaking ones truth will lead to something horrible. When the latter is the case the horrible thing is often what will expose the perpetrator. The fear of confronting the guard is in direct proportion to the fear instilled in the child. Sometimes an object is found blocking the bridge. The size and or color of it reflect the amount of blocked energy. For example, a small, grey blockage probably symbolizes something fairly easy to remove, while a huge, black, dense object is most likely a composition of many incidences and beliefs combined to form a larger fear.

If you find yourself in situations where you would like to speak out, but experience an inner critical voice or feeling of fear that keeps you from sharing your truth you have an obstructed heart – mind bridge. If you would like to open this connection so that your heart and mind can communicate better, so you can live from your heart and speak your truth, watch for the  Heart - Mind Bridge Guided Journey, coming soon to the Store.