You Are An Energy Magnet

Like attracts like .... What are you like and what are you attracting?

Did you ever play with magnets when you were a child? When you held one magnet and brought it toward another were you fascinated with how they would be drawn together or pushed apart? This was your first lesson in the power of magnetic energy. The energy field that surrounds you is magnetic - it draws that which is like your field toward you and repulses that which is not like your field from you.

You cannot draw into your field that which you are not in vibrational alignment with and keep it there. Yes, you may be able to put on an act for a short period of time so that you can attract the person or job that you desire, but unless you make the choices it takes to adjust your vibrational energy to that level, you will find that you are unable to hold on to that which you have attracted.

When looking at the world from an energetic perspective, there is no good or bad, and therefore there is no judgment. When we become aware of vibrational energy the first thing we need to do is access our own energy, to recognize what level we are vibrating at and decide the level we desire to vibrate at. When we are in tune with our energy it is easy to move in the world and recognize the situations and people that support our desired goal and those who do not.

Finding the level of your vibrational energy is easy. First sit down, take a deep breath, and notice your life. How do you feel about your life? Do you feel happy or unhappy most of the time? Do you have the primary relationship you desire? If you are not interested in a relationship at this time, do you feel content without one? Do your friends and family satisfy your needs for human relationships? Do you laugh, enjoy life and find it a pleasant experience? Are you content in your life or do you wish for a different life? Do you feel good about yourself most of the time, or criticize yourself most of the time? Do you have a level of material wealth that you feel good about? There is no judgment here, just a being aware of how your life feels to you.

Your inner feelings and outer life reflect the level of energy you vibrate at. If answering the questions cause you to feel more energy and even better about yourself, your vibrational level is high. If your answers were unfavorable to you and the questions caused you feel less energetic (sad, angry, upset, depressed) and not good about your life, then your vibrational level is lower. The majority of people may find themselves somewhere in the middle, living in a fluctuation between a higher and lower energy. Through this simple exercise you can begin to become aware of where you vibrate. A person who vibrates at a high level is no better that someone vibrating at a low level, they are both just as worthy, just as human and just as loved by the Divine Source Energy that some call God. The only difference is the level at which their energy vibrates.

The second step is to become aware of how people, places, situations and things affect your vibrational energy. This is also very easy to do. The first step is to be aware of how you are feeling. For example: You are feeling happy, the telephone rings, you hear the voice on the other end and your happiness increases, or it diminishes. Or, you are feeling badly and so you go to a movie. Your vibrational energy is increased and you leave feeling uplifted and inspired or decreased and you leave feeling depressed, angry or cynical. Maybe you are at home and notice an object on your desk - seeing it generates a fond memory or one of resentment and you find yourself thinking, “I really should throw that away.” In this last example, imagine yourself feeling happy and then meeting with friends, family, a date or a co-worker. Does your energy lift and do you feel like you have been fed energy or do you feel drained and less happy then when you arrived?

In the first instance of each example your vibrational energy level is being increased while in the second it is being decreased. So just becoming aware of whom, what and where lifts your energy and who, what and where decreases your energy allows you to make the choice to either increase or decrease your personal vibrational energy. The more you spend time doing things and being with people who bring you up, the higher you vibrate and the more time you spend time with people and do things that bring you down the lower you vibrate. It’s as simple and as difficult as that - difficult because when you are committed to raising your energy you may have to release people and things that bring it down.

As a teenager I used to ponder these questions: “How is it that some people rise out of abuse, neglect, poverty and repression to create a life of abundance and fulfillment? and “What was it about these people that allowed them to beat all the odds and create a life unimaginable to those around them?” Now the answer is clear. Their dream of the future, their desire to attain a goal and their persistence in holding on to that dream regardless of what others said caused a flow of energy within them that increased their vibrational resonance to a level that magnetized the opportunities to bring forth what they desired.

A wonderful example of this is that of a neighbor of mine. He lives in a beautiful home on the lake with his boat, new motor home and is a fine role model for his adoring grandchildren. In many ways he lives a life that others only dream of. How could he live such an abundant life? Some might say that he must have been born into wealth or had a lucky break. The truth is that he was born into a family so poor that his classmates would laugh at his tattered clothes and mismatched socks. He loved to fish and often would stand at the shore of a small lake to watch the fishermen as they went out in their boats. He loved the water and the boats and told his brother, “One day I will live on the lake and have my own boat” He brother just laughed and told him that he was crazy, but the boy hung on to that dream. We never need to know how it will happen - our job is to hold the dream. For this man a door opened when he was fourteen. It was a barn door and behind it was a cow struggling to birth a breech calf. The boy’s father told him that if he could save the mother and the calf came out alive, he would own it. The father closed the door and left him in the darkness accompanied only by the rattling breath of the laboring cow. He didn’t want to stay, he thought of bolting out of that place, but he had a dream for his future and so, reluctantly, he pushed his arm up in to the bloody canal, turned the calf and the mother delivered it successfully.

This brings up the second step in magnetism – being willing to walk through the door when it is opened. It’s not always easy, it may take work, sweat, time, study – whatever it takes, are you willing to do it? God helps those who help themselves. Action is a crucial step in the magnetism/manifestation process.

When the boy acted, the message he gave to the Universe was: “Yes I am willing to do whatever it takes to make my dream come true!” The Universe responded by providing him enough money from the sale of that calf so that one year later, at the age of fifteen, he was able to leave home and begin a new life. Doors kept opening in miraculous ways until his dream of living in a house on the lake and owning a fishing boat was realized, and as often is the case, manifested in a way far more grand than what a boy standing on the shore of a lake in old shoes could have ever imagined.

If you too are willing to do what it takes to raise your vibrational energy, you, like this boy, will create a vibrational field that will magnetize what you desire to you.

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“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”  - Goethe