Embrace Your Inner Child
Who’s at the driver’s seat of your car of life? Most people think they (they meaning their present self) are the ones directing their life, but perhaps not. Unless one has done inner child work and has embraced their inner child, there is a good chance that this little one is jumping out at all the wrong times to take control of the steering wheel.
When I first started doing my own inner child work many years ago I had a really fantastic experience which I have used to illustrate this concept with clients. I had a friend who came out to visit from San Diego. I picked him up and brought him back to the airport, an easy ten-minute drive from our home. I went to San Diego for a workshop and a local attendee took me to his home where we enjoyed a nice visit. When it was time to leave I expected that he would drive me to the airport, but instead he presented me with a bus ticket and in that moment I (the present day adult) let go of the wheel of my car and the inner child jumped into the driver’s seat. At once thoughts like “He doesn’t like me” came flooding into my mind Wow! I could hardly keep back the tears! I knew I had to get away quickly, so I excused myself saying I had to pack my things. As soon as I was alone I hugged myself and asked: “What’s going on?” The answer came quickly “It’s just like in school when we were picked last” and “We’re not good enough.” Now, because I had been doing my inner work, the adult could step in and bring the child comfort by saying: “Not at all, you are really wonderful and we will have fun on the bus!” Talking with your inner child is not unlike talking with an outer child. The child needs reassurance, comforting and knowing that s/he is safe and loved. I fully returned to present time where I had no problem understanding that it was a three hour drive to the airport and that would take a full six or more hours out of my friend’s busy schedule to go to the airport while a bus ride allowed us to enjoy a pleasant breakfast and send-off, all with good feelings. However I know that if I had been unaware of my child taking over I would have shed those tears, my friend probably would have felt guilty and driven me to the airport and we would have spent three hours driving in a car filled with strained energy and resentment while I silently beat myself up for having had been so foolish.
Although this is a dramatic example of the inner child grabbing the wheel, take a moment to reflect on your own life and the times when you may have been afraid to speak your truth or you lost your power over what someone says or even how he or she looked at you. Maybe you have wanted to try something new, but something held you back or you felt hurt out of proportion to what was said or what happened. All these are times when the inner child has taken over the steering wheel and is directing your life’s car.
Some people have tried to deny their inner child as they feel the child is needy and will ruin their lives, but the opposite is true. The more you try to push the inner child away, the more he or she will act out, but when you embrace the inner child, allowing healing and love, that child brings all his or her strengths into the present so that the road your life car travels is far easier and a lot more fun! How can you begin this process of embracing your inner child?
 Notice when your energy shifts and you are not in your power, this is often a sign that a wounded child has taken over
When you notice the above, be compassionate with yourself. If possible, remove yourself from the situation and ask your inner child what is happening? Ask what the child needs from you in the moment. This is often love or reassurance.
Allow yourself to experience you as the adult and you as the child. Notice the difference. Speak to the child from your adult self as if you were talking with an outer small child. Offer the child love and reassurance.
Talk to the child in a loving way, using caring words and never speaking harshly with criticism and judgment
Make it a practice to check in with your inner child each day. Ask how the child is doing and if s/he needs anything. The more you do this, the more integrated the child becomes and the more the child offers his or her gifts of joy, wisdom, awareness, Divine connection and playfulness.
Remember this is not an easy process and it takes time. If you find yourself repeating patterns or unable to speak your truth or act the way you would like to in a situation take time afterwards to reflect on what happened and know that the first step in healing is awareness and compassion for yourself. The more you give the inner child (you) love and encouragement and the less you criticize and judge that child (you) the easier the process of embracing your inner child will be and better your life will become!
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