Jesus counseled that only children shall enter the kingdom of his Father, of course this didn’t mean that after age five you were too old for heaven, but what did it mean? It meant to be free in love and joy and to live in the moment as a child. Look at a child (one that is having a positive human existence) and you will find a little person who lives in wonder and joy. One who is not afraid to express whatever he or she is feeling and then let it go! Recently I watched the child of a friend express love to her in one moment, switch to anger when the desired cookie was prohibited, and return to love in the matter of moments. The child doesn’t hang on to resentments or build a wall of fear and anger around him or herself. The child experiences feeling in the moment and lets it go so he or she is open to the next moment of possibility. Children have faith and trust. They believe that they will be taken care of and have faith in the love of their parents. But when that trust is betrayed and that faith destroyed, when they are taught to fear expression of what they are feeling, walls are built and that faith and trust is lost. This is when the child begins to lose self-love as well as that deep connection with the Divine.

In my experience working with clients I have observed that those who desire to connect with their Higher Self, God, Spirit Guides or Angels, do so the best when they come from the place of allowing the inner child to lead the way. I find that people who do not have a loving and open connection with their inner child have the most difficulty connecting to God or Divine Energy. Some people want to pass over this step and go directly to enlightenment because they want to avoid the pain that they hold deep, or not so deep, within them, but in my experience we cannot reach an enlightened state when we leave the child behind. The child is the part of us that knows the path to Divine Connection.

The wounds we hang onto, like clouds in the sky that block us from the sun, keep us from connecting with Divine Energy. The Divine is always present and always loving us, but the clouds of anger, resentment, guilt, unworthiness and doubt (to name a few) that we hold onto keep us from bathing in the grace, love and relationship with Divine Intelligence that our soul desires.

From my work as a hypnotherapist I know that we can read about and intellectually understand the power of forgiveness, gratitude and letting go, but if the past is not healed from the depths of the subconscious mind and the cells of the body, understanding alone will not suffice. It’s easy to tell if you have let go, simply ask yourself:  “Is there anyone in my life whom I have not forgiven or who I give power to?” Notice yourself in different situations, do you speak your truth or are there times when you are afraid to? Do you find yourself criticizing and judging yourself for how you dress, speak, act, or if you make a mistake? Or do you criticize others? I have found that the judgment and criticism we externalize onto others is only a reflection of how we judge and criticize ourselves. I suggest clients become conscious of their self-talk and listen to what they are saying to themselves because that is what they are saying to their inner child. Is what you are saying to yourself what you want to be saying to that precious inner child? If not, you can change the program in your mind and open to loving and cherishing your inner child.

3 steps to bring healing to your inner child:

1.  Put a picture of yourself as a child where you see it every day. Take a few moments in the morning and before you go to bed at night to look into the eyes of that child and say “I love you” “You are important to me” I am here for you” or whatever words come to your mind. Say them with feeling.

2.  Whenever you catch yourself thinking self-critical or judgmental thoughts stop immediately and tell your little child that you are sorry. Tell your child something positive and loving.

3.  Think of your child several times during the day (sometimes putting a hand over the heart can help strengthen the connection) and ask that child what s/he needs. Listen and let that little child within know that you care about how s/he feels.

Healing the wounded inner child is like blowing the clouds away and returning to that innocent state of love, trust and wonder, where you can easily imagine God, or Divine Source Energy, as kind and loving. When you think of Divine Presence from this place, your heart fills with joy and love.

A heart that is not fully open to receiving is one of the biggest obstacles that keeps us from attracting and accepting all the wonderful gifts the Universe has to offer. If you would like to open your heart more to receiving and bring more healing to your inner child get the guided journey: Embrace Your Inner Child and Change Your Life! at the Store..

The Divine Inner Child

Your inner child is the preciousness of you