Alchemical Scents


Did you know that pure, high quality essential oils, such as Young Living Essential Oils can be of great benefit to you in all levels of your life; Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual? This is what our book Alchemical Scents is all about! For information on how to order your copy and to find out more about Young Living pure, high-vibration essential oils please click on the link below.

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The Feather ... When Pat & I met in Santa Rosa, California just prior to our book launch this cloud feather appeared in the sky above the restaurant where we were discussing Alchemical Scents. The feather we are standing on is untouched and appears just as we saw it on that summer evening in the sky above. Photoshop and the expertise of Pat’s husband Patrick are responsible for all the rest.

    The symbology of the feather is spiritual evolution. NativeAmericans wore feathers to symbolize their communication with the Great Spirit and for both the Druids and Egyptians feathers symbolized connection with the celestial wisdom of the Sky Gods.