Alchemical   Hypnotherapy

Alchemical hypnotherapy — which I refer to as Spiritual Hypnotherapy, combines the potency of hypnosis with Divine Guidance and the powerful healing force of spirit. Sound healing, and the grounding, insulation from “energy static” in combination with the  magnification of Divine Energy that the crystals provide allow the client to enter a space where cellular cleansing, the restructuring of patterns and beliefs, release of old energy and integration of new energies occur at a deep level. An infusion of the healing frequencies of color is added for balance, energizing and grounding. Essential Oils that stimulate the limbic system of the brain and help us to remember as well as provide new anchors may also be utilized during the session. This is not therapy in the traditional sense, but a powerful, eclectic experience that allows space for emotional, spiritual, and even physical healing on a deep cellular level to occur.

Sound healing — through the use of sound by both client and practitioner, sound is vibrated through the cells of the body to facilitate the release of stuck emotions and to raise the vibrational energy in the body. As children we were often taught to swallow our words, or that “Children are better seen than heard.” Most often our anger, or sadness was not allowed expression. The more we were abused or neglected, the stronger and louder the emotions and sounds we were forced to choke down and hide in our throats and bellies (our places of power) were. It is no wonder why we grow up and live without being in our full power. To compensate for this, some continue to act out the abusive behavior on themselves or others, while some retreat into invisible silence. No matter how the lack of inner power is demonstrated, the longing for personal power, self-worth and self-love is the same. Through the process of Alchemical hypnotherapy we can bring our consciousness down into the places within the body where our sound and emotions have been imprisoned. Now we can fling open the cell doors and set our energy free, reclaiming our true self so that we can live the life we have dreamed of.
Crystals — Linda’s Spiritual/Alchemical Hypnotherapy sessions are facilitated on a bed gridded with copper and surrounded by magnificent crystals and sacred geometry. Most clients feel the energy of the copper and crystal and often experience it as peaceful and grounding. The crystals, in combination with the copper, attract frequencies in much the same way they do in computers and crystal radios. In this case they attract high frequency energy that serves to isolate the client from static, or low vibrational energy. The energy field created by the crystals connects with spiritual energies and facilitates the healing process. Skeptical? Another way to look at this is just remember how it feels to be in a busy office or in the midst of a shopping mall — then take a breath and recall how it feels to be out in nature, sitting by a tree or standing on the ocean shore. Can you feel the difference? Nature helps us to center and ground; crystals help us to do the same.
Vogel Crystals - During the sessions energy is affected by the use of Vogel Crystals.
When Marcel Vogel, an IBM scientist was taken extremely ill, he had a vision of Jesus standing by his hospital bed and asking if he were wiling to do spiritual work. He agreed, left IBM and was directed on how to cut crystals so their healing powers were strengthened. These magnificent crystals enhance the healing work.

Cellular Cleansing or Cellular Housecleaning  – allows us to release energy that is not ours so we can return to our unique and authentic state of being. For many years I have told clients that we sell our souls to our parents (or other primary caregivers). Out of necessity a child will do whatever it takes to gain the love and approval from his or her parents or adult caretakers. Children, especially those who have been abused or neglected (emotionally or physically) are most susceptible to the selling their souls, or in other words, denying their wants and needs to try to be, or do what will make their caregiver happy so that they (the child) will suffer less and be loved. From years of Spiritual Hypnosis sessions I have learned that most everyone has sold some part of him or herself and we all are in need of cellular housecleaning. Even seemingly small incidents of the past can produce beliefs that affect our present day lives. The root of whatever issue we are challenged with lies in the cells of the body. By entering into those parts of our body that hold these beliefs we can unlock the prison door and set ourselves free. Once the old energy has been released it is easy to call back our true essence to fill these now empty places. Some refer to this process as soul retrieval. Usually clients will feel a rush of increased energy vibration, a tingling in the body or other sign that their true energy is back and their vibrational energy has risen. This work is very exciting!

Essential Oils -
These high quality, Young Living Essential Oils are used to stimulate memories as they interact with the Limbic System of the brain. To understand this, imagine how smelling a certain smell, either one you love or hate, immediately brings you back in time to the memory associated with that smell. In the same way, an essential oil smelled during a high point of a session, such as meeting ones Inner Guide, inner Mate or connecting with warm, safe feelings, peace, inner wisdom or joy can bring you back immediately into that feeling and memory. Because of the ability of the sesquiterpenes, contained in some essential oils, to bypass the blood-brain barrier, these oils may even affect emotional and physical healing.

Color — Our chakras (energy centers) vibrate to color. When color is infused into the body the charka centers become energized, yet balanced. A light bar using 7 Vogel Crystals is used for infusing color into the 7 major chakras of the body. (See photo at the bottom of this page)

Reiki, The Reconnection & Pranic Healing - Energies used to support the divine healing process. During each trance induction I call upon the Divine and utilize the energy of Reiki or the Reconnection to connect on a soul level with my client and to assist him or her in the healing that is desired. Pranic Healing is a powerful tool that helps eliminate low vibrational energy and restore the body, mind and spirit to a high vibrational state of being.

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The Crystal Healing Room is a high vibrational energy space, created to facilitate deep inner transformation. Below, top left: 200 lb. Amethyst Geode; top right large clear and smokey quartz crystals wired with copper to the bed above. This connects the energy of the crystals to the bed to help the client to both access the crystal energy as well as to feel their own field of energy.  The bottom picture shows the Vogel Crystals above the healing bed.

Below you see an amethyst geode, a few of the crystals under the healing bed as well as the copper, crystal filled tubes that surround the bed and direct the energy up to support the client’s healing process and, at the bottom is a photo of the healing bed and light bar that emits colors that pass through Vogel crystals and into the body for healing.

A complete session with Linda , lasting approximately 2.5 hours, costs $190.

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